Boycott Trend Micro - Call for Action!


Barracuda Networks uses ClamAV anti virus software in their solutions. Anti virus developer Trend Micro accused Barracuda Networks of patent infringement with a bogus patent (as all software patents are). What Trend Micro really does is abusing the patent system and aggressively attacking ClamAV users and developers directly.

Whatever your views on software patents in general, or even the validity of this patent, suing customers is in singularly bad taste and can only damage the marketplace.

This is a dangerous act, and we call upon all software vendors and users to boycott Trend Micro and those who support them, to prevent this abusive behaviour becoming a BAD TREND which will be bad for software business worldwide.

Like SCO, Trend Micro has exceeded the boundary of decent and respectable commerce, it has become a pariah and should be punished.